These multi-award winning Art Clubs are for children aged 4-11 years old and are held in schools and public venues. Clubs are fun and interactive with clear learning objectives designed to develop important skills such as colour, shade, line, shape, form, tone & space. Children work with qualified artists and artist grade materials which support students in their creative development. No, you wont find poster paint here! You can either book the whole course or trial it for a session. 

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Paris! André Derain
£70/£10 trial class

André Derain was a French painter & sculptor and co-founder of Fauvism with Henri Matisse as well as an inspiration for Cubism. Students will learn about Derain whilst creating their own masterpiece of the river Seine, Eiffel Tower & iconic Paris skyline along with a boat, bridge & train. Students will learn to use artists’ oil pastels on quality A2 paper.

(Actual artwork depends on the number of weeks offered, please check you club to find out)

– learn about Fauvism & Derain
– learn how to draw
– learn how to use oil pastel
– learn how to create texture
– learn how to mix colours
– learn how to create depth
– learn how to create perspective
– develop creative confidence
– learn how to be an artist!

Fractured Still Life

Still life painting has been popular since the 17th century, when Dutch painters like Adriaen Coorte raised it to a fine art. Fractured still life is a fun spin on this theme. In this course students will learn to observe real objects and then use mixed media to depict them on quality A2 paper. Mixed media includes collage, oil pastel and acrylic paint.

– learn about famous Still Life artists
– learn how to draw
– learn how to use mixed media
– learn about composition
– learn about artistic layering
– learn shapes and angles 
– learn about contrasting colours
– learn how to be an artist!

What they say about arty amber

  • “My son has been attending the art class at his school and I can’t believe the artwork he’s been doing! He can’t wait to go each week, he just loves it!”

    Joanna Mills, mum of Tyler (8 years)

  • “My children took part in the school holiday programme at their school, its so nice to have art as a proper option for them, they thoroughly enjoyed it, we’ll be back for more”

    Georgie Sansom, mum of Chloe & Mia (6 & 8 years)

  • “Art class is so good for the children, my son has enjoyed it so much and has produced something I never thought he would produce”

    Caroline Tuey, mum of Ben (8 years)

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