Holiday Art!

Taught by real artists using real art materials, your child will experiment with a variety of mediums whilst learning about famous artists and fine art techniques as well as art history. 

Your child will learn about line, tone, shape, space, colour, perspective and form. They will gain a good understanding of the famous artists and art movements and apply these influences to their own masterpiece, which they take home at the end of the day.

All materials, aprons, snacks (and lunch for full days) provided! Suitable for 5+ years.

Venue: Cassiobury Infant’s School, Bellmount Wood Avenue, Watford WD17 3BT


Wednesday 24 July, 10am-12pm
5+ year olds

Students will learn about famous artist Kandinsky and his contributions to art including the unique characteristics that colours portray and how shapes can interlink to produce a beautifully organic art work of pattern, colour and form. Each art work will be completely unique!

Medium: Artsists’ water colour paints, oil pastel and Sharpie pen on A3 card
Cost: £20

All materials, aprons and snacks provided!

holiday art

Thursday 1 August, 10am-12pm
5+ years old

Spend the morning painting a selection of Warhol’s endangered animals, a famous series of paintings produced by Warhol himself in his famous pop art style! You’ll learn all about the great artist and how to use chalk pastels, charcoal and paint.

Medium: Artists’ chalk pastels, paint & charcoal on A3 pastel paper
Cost: £20

Materials, aprons and snacks provided!


Tuesday 6 August, 10am-12pm
5+ years old

Still Life has been a famous subject for centuries. In this course we will be exploring what kinds of things make a still life, such as fruits and vegetables, and how to draw them using pencil and oil pastel. You’ll learn all about great Still Life artists as well!

Medium: Artists’ oil pastels on A3 card
Cost: £20







Wednesday 14 August, 10am-12pm
5+ year olds

Sketch club is for those who LOVE to draw or for those who would like to get better at drawing. Students will learn how to use a range of drawing mediums such as pencil, graphite blocks, charcoal and more. They will draw from life and learn techniques such as form, shape, line, tone and shade.

Medium: Artsists’ drawing mediums on A3 watercolour paper
Cost: £20

All materials, aprons, snacks and lunch provided!



Thursday 22 August, 10am-12pm
5+ years old

We’ll be exploring nature and creating beautiful prints using real inks and a printing press. You’ll learn all about different techniques and how to create 1 and 2 colour prints.

Medium: Printmaking on various sized watercolour paper
Cost: £20

Materials, aprons and snacks provided!


Gustav Klimt: Tree of Life Tote Bags
Tuesday 27 August, 10am-12pm
5+ years old

Come and paint Klimt’s famous ‘Tree of Life’ on a tote bag whilst learning all about the famous artist. You’ll be painting swirling branches, dancing birds and patterned leaves in fine detail.

Medium: Fabric paint on a tote bag (you’ll be given instruction of how to make the paint washable and permanent!)
Cost: £20

Materials, aprons and snacks provided!